July 13, 2022

After Over a Decade Hiatus, T.S. Monk is Back with a Stirring Live Album

After Over a Decade Hiatus, T.S. Monk is Back with a Stirring Live Album

This episode of Underground Magnolia Podcast shines the spotlight on jazz musician T.S. Monk, also the son of jazz legend Thelonious Monk.

After a decade plus recording absence, he’s back with  the live album “Two Continents, One Groove.” 

The prolific jazz drummer, composer, and bandleader discusses:

  • Why it took so long to release a new project.
  • The meaning of the album's title.
  • His band's contribution, including a song dedicated to his father that addresses the racism many musicians faced in the heyday of New York's live music club scene.
  • Growing up with Thelonious Monk, his ongoing legacy, and the day the younger Monk realized who his father was.
  • How other jazz greats such as Miles Davis, Max Roach, and John Coltrane were frequent visitors to the Monk home.
  • The importance of jazz as an American art form created by African Americans.

For more on T.S. Monk and Thelonious Monk, go to https://theloniousmonk.store/pages/legacy or on Instagram @tsmonkofficial.

Buy the album at https://storyvillerecords.bandcamp.com/album/two-continents-one-groove.

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